Jul 13

Perry Cruise Night Returns Saturday, August 15th

The Perry Area Chamber of Commerce will host their 9th Annual Perry Cruise Night on Saturday night, August 15th.  The annual event will be h2015_Cruise_nighteld at the Bill Trower Memorial Park on Main Street.  Those showing cars, trucks and motorcycles are encouraged to have their vehicles in place at the park between 3:45 pm and 4:45 pm.  Parking will be available on grass.  Vehicles will be on display from 5 pm till 7 pm.  There are no entry fees, classes or awards.  Food and drinks will be available on grounds.  There will also be a 50/50 raffle, drawings and music.  Over 130 vehicles displayed the last two years.  A cruise will take place at 7 pm to Ray Behren’s Campground at Mark Twain Lake.  In case of inclement weather or for more information, visit www.perrymissouri.com or call Thomas Ragland at 573-231-2634

Jun 23

Eddie Landis Joins Perry Police Department

Eddie Landis, Police OfficerThe City of Perry Police Department is pleased to welcome new police officer Eddie Landis.  Officer Landis comes to Perry after working the past five years for the Shelby County Sheriff’s office.  Landis graduated from Paris High School in 1995 and served in the U.S. Army from 1998 to 2006.  Landis was deployed to Bosnia and Iraq in 2004.  In 2003, Landis graduated from the University of Missouri, Law Enforcement Training Institute and has been working in law enforcement ever since.  Prior to working for Shelby County, Officer Landis worked for the Monroe City Police Department from 2003 until 2010.  Outside of work, Landis enjoys spending time with his five year old son, fishing at Mark Twain Lake or attending a sporting event. Officer Landis has also coached Holy Rosary Jr. High basketball teams for the past 5 years.  Officer Landis believes it is important for the law enforcement of the community to be involved in that community and he looks forward to getting to know the people and serving the citizens of Perry.  Officer Landis officially started his duties on Monday, June 22nd.

May 27

Perry Fourth of July Celebration Set

Perry_Fourth_Of_July_Poster_2015The Perry Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the 2015 Perry Fourth of July Celebration schedule of events.  Events will start on Friday night, July 3rd with the Miss Perry and Little Mr. & Miss contests.  On Saturday, the day will start with the parade followed by kids games, food stand, rides on Missouri’s oldest carousel, built in 1898.  Other events include the antique tractor pull, bingo and more.  We invite you to spend part of your day with us!  View the complete event schedule below.  For more information, please contact us here.

Friday, July 3rd

Miss Perry 4th of July Pageant 6:00 p.m.

Little Mr. & Miss Perry

Pageant will take place at the Perry VFW Hall

Sponsored by the VFW Ladies Auxiliary, For registration info, Please Contact Jeanne Shuck at 573-721-2115
Saturday, July 4th

All Events Held at Bill Trower Memorial Park

Parade 9:30 a.m.

Chamber Drink Stand 10 a.m.

Kids Carnival Games 10 a.m.

Merry Go Round Rides 10 a.m.

Ma & Pa’s Choo – Choo 10 a.m.

Fire Dept. Food Stand (Pulled Pork Sandwiches) 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Bingo 11 a.m.

Great Central Lumber Co. Frog Jump 11 a.m.

HNB Bank Money in the Straw Noon

Antique Tractor Pull 1 p.m.

Pedal Pull 1 p.m.

Scavenger Hunt 2 p.m.

Plus, Face Painting, Adult Games, Hodges Homemade Ice Cream, Music and 50/50 Drawing

May 13

Great Fishing, Antiquing and Relaxation Await in Perry!

Perry is a small, rural community in Northeast Missouri reflective of all the charm and friendliness associated with the rural Midwest. Although it has a population of less than 700, Perry provides services equal to those found in much larger towns, with a healthy mix of retail, commercial, and industrial businesses. Only minutes away from Mark Twain Lake in Northeast Missouri, Perry is regarded as the Southern Gateway to the lake. Each year, nearly 2 million people visit the lake recreation areas to camp, boat, fish, and enjoy a nearly endless variety of outdoor activities. In recent years, Perry has adapted to take advantage of opportunities created by the nearby 18,600-acre recreational lake. The downtown area has been restored to its former glory, with many of the buildings now housing antique, specialty and re-sale shops.  Several downtown buildings are over 100 years old with the oldest built in 1892. Most downtown shops are open Tuesday-Sunday.  Hours vary by store owner and some shops are open by chance or appointment.  We also suggest contacting the shops directly to find out store hours.  A chamber business listing is available here.

Perry also serves those who are enjoying a nearby campground and Mark Twain Lake.  Perry offers a full-line grocery store, the lake’s largest sporting goods store, a bank and ATM, bait and tackle, restaurants and convenience stores.

In 2016, Perry will celebrate it’s 150th birthday with a grand celebration August 4th – 7th, 2016.  For more information about the sesquicentennial, please visit the official website at www.perrymo150.com

The area is rich in history. Less than 15 minutes away in tiny Florida, the Mark Twain Birthplace Museum and Historic Site honors the region’s most famous citizen, Samuel Clemens, who used many of his childhood friends as the basis for characters in his books. Historic Hannibal, where Clemens lived as a boy, is only 30 minutes from Perry.

Apr 14

2016 Perry Sesquicentennial Being Planned

sesquicentennial_2The Perry area will celebrate 150 years of history during 2016.  Currently, the Perry area sesquicentennial committee is planning a grand event for next year.  Ron Leake, chairman of the event said, “We are planning the event for August 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th, 2016.”  The main day of the celebration will be Saturday, August 6th.  The celebration will feature events and demonstrations for all ages.  One of the main features of the event will be the 1898 model Merry-Go-Round that officially came back to Perry in 2014.   A complete schedule is being developed by the committee and will be released soon.  If you would like to contribute or help with the event, please contact Ron Leake at 573-248-6147 or visit www.PerryMo150.com or facebook.com/PerryMo150

Mar 11

2015 Perry Area Calendar of Events

IMG_0889The Perry Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the 2015 events calendar.  All events are tentative and subject to change without notice.  For more information about the Perry Area Chamber of Commerce, please contact us at 573-406-9866  Follow us on Facebook










**Farmers Market will be held in June/July/August  Please check our website for more information.

Dec 22

Perry 2014: A Year in Review

Click below to watch the Perry Year in Review video.


Jul 03

The Return of the Merry-Go-Round to Perry

carousel By: Dustin R. Wasson

Missouri’s oldest carousel will be putting smiles on faces once again this summer.  The 116 year old, 1898 model Armitage-Spillman carousel will make its return to the Perry Fourth of July Celebration in Perry, Missouri on July 4, 2014.  The carousel is owned by the Faust Park Foundation in Chesterfield, Missouri and is on loan to the Ralls County Historical Society through Perry’s 2016 sesquicentennial.


The 1898 model Armitage-Spillman carousel was built in North Tonawanda, New York.  The carousel was originally powered by a two-cylinder double stroke Armitage-Herschell steam engine.  The engine is equipped with a coal burning vertical boiler.  Today, the carousel is operated by the original steam engine converted to compressed air.

The 24 rocker style horses are hand carved and feature frayed tails. The carousel also features four chariots.  The chariots have decorative side panels that depict several childhood fairy tales including Mother Goose, The Hunter, Sinbad and Little Red Riding Hood.

Originally a steam calliope played music for the riders enjoyment, today the restored calliope is on display at the carousel building at Faust Park in Chesterfield.

This carousel is 43 feet wide with a seating capacity of 40, not counting any adults holding onto their children.

The carousel construction is not exactly that of a mass produced kind.  It has 16 sweeps which are pinned to a hub attached to the center pole of the tent.  The sweeps carry the horses, chariots and board walk way.

Each sweep is supported on an iron wheel which runs on the circular track.  The horses rock through a system of bars and eccentrics drawing power from the wheel on each sweep.  The faster the carousel goes, the faster the horses will rock.

Originally the carousel was owned by two partners, Steinbeck and Potter of Clifton Hill, Missouri.  Later they traded the carousel back to the Spillman Engineering Company for a new carousel.  In 1923 the company sold the carousel to Mr. J.F. Rager of Hunnewell, Missouri.  Rager operated the carousel for six years until he sold it to the Montgomery County Old Settlers Association at New Florence, Missouri.  In 1942 the carousel was sold to the I.O.O.F Lodge in Perry, Missouri.  The lodge operated the carousel at the Perry Fourth of July Picnic from 1942 through 1956.  The carousel was sold in 1956 to Mark Twain Amusements, a group of five Perry area men including E.D. Long, Marvin Hodges, F.W. Kuda, M.D. Akers and R.W. Allen of Perry.  In 1959, the carousel was operated at the Mark Twain shrine in Florida, Missouri.  The carousel was still a featured attraction at the Perry Picnic until 1963.  The carousel made several stops including Platte City, Florida and Perry, Missouri and Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

In May of 1966, the carousel was put on loan by the Mark Twain Amusement Company to the National Agriculture Museum in Bonner Springs, Kansas. The carousel was seen at the museum in disrepair and many thought it was gone and would never be found.

Once the carousel left in 1966 for Bonner Springs it never returned to Perry.  The carousel went through a tornado in Bonner Springs and was eventually purchased by Bill Auckley of Montgomery City, MO in the late 1970s.  Auckley reconstructed the ruined pieces and restored the carousel from its ruined state.  Auckley said, “Twenty or so of the horses are original, but not all of them.” Auckley also remembers riding the carousel in New Florence as a child.  In the 1980s the carousel was sold to Carlos and Judy Sardina of Warrenton, MO.  After restoring the carousel, the Sardina’s ran the carousel at Union Station in St. Louis before it was sold to the Faust Park Foundation in Chesterfield.  The carousel ran for a short time at Faust park before it was put into storage.  The last year it was operated according to park officials was about 1992.

Research of the historic carousel was started by Ron Leake, president of the Ralls County Historical Society during the early 2000s.  Leake’s research led him to Faust Park in Chesterfield.  In 2012, Leake led a group of two other Perry men to visit Faust Park to take a look at the carousel and horses, that started the process for its return to Perry.

“Our main goal was to make sure it returned for the Perry Sesquicentennial in 2016, but we were able to obtain the carousel two years earlier thanks to Faust Park” said Ron Leake.  The carousel is on loan thanks to the Faust Park Foundation for the next two years.

Once an insurance policy was obtained, a group of 15 men and women went to Faust Park and brought the carousel back to Perry in May of 2014.  The horses stayed and will be brought up by the park crew when the carousel will be in operation.

Men, women and children have spent many nights putting the carousel together.  The carousel was put together at a nearby farm. “We had to put it together before the fourth, we had no idea how it went together and we didn’t know if anything was missing,” said Brian Hodges.  Every piece of the carousel has a specific place to go and every piece has a roman numeral.  Several individuals have been working on pieces that were broke or missing.

After the carousel was put together and pieces were fixed, the group of individuals took everything down, loaded it up and installed the carousel on the tennis court at the Bill Trower Memorial Park in Perry for the Fourth of July Celebration.

The carousel will feature all 24 horses and four chariots and will be powered by the original steam engine converted to compressed air.  Many people that remember the Merry-Go-Round in Perry are making the return home to ride it once again.  People are coming back home from California, Arizona, New Mexico, Iowa, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Indiana and Florida.





Dec 17

Missouri Humanities Council Heritage Driving Trail visits Ralls County

Ralls County CourthouseThe Missouri Humanities Council recently produced a series of  videos of the Ralls County driving trail.  The video features several national historic places and commentary by  Ralls County Historical Society President Ron Leake. Click below to watch the video or visit the Ralls County Historical Society Museum in Perry.

Video 1: A Drive Through Ralls County

Video 2: A Drive Through Ralls County – Illasco

A complete Ralls County driving trail guide is available to download here.

Aug 15

Downtown Directory Now Available

Perry_MO_Downtown_BusinessThe Perry Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the offering of a downloadable guide to downtown Perry.  The directory shows all specialty shops, restaurants, bars, government offices and much more.  The Perry Area Chamber of Commerce continues it’s efforts to promote the Perry area businesses along with Mark Twain Lake. The chamber of commerce promotes the town of Perry thru it’s website, facebook page and brochures.  The chamber sponsors numerous events each year to promote the city.  To become a member, please contact the Perry Area Chamber of Commerce treasurer Danette Henderson at 573-565-3131.  Fore more information, visit www.perrymissouri.com

Click the link below to download and print your copy for your next visit.

Download:  Perry Downtown Directory

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