City of Perry Asking Voters to Approve Tax Increase

The City of Perry is asking voters this April to approve a tax increase for the city’s fire department. The City of Perry Fire Department serves the citizens of Perry, MO for fire protection 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Currently, the City of Perry receives approximately $7,000 each year from current fire tax revenue. This is used for repairs, equipment and insurance. The City of Perry has not raised the current tax rate of .0999 in over 30 years. The proposed tax increase to .2997 per $100 valuation would generate approximately $21,000 each year for the purpose of fire protection for the citizens and businesses of Perry and mutual aid contracts the city has in place with other municipalities.

One of the main reasons for the needed tax increase is for the replacement of the current 40 year old fire truck.  “A lot of things have changed in technology and the need is warranted to meet the current standards,” according to Mayor Dustin Wasson.  “We are constantly fixing our truck trying to keep it operable and we don’t have the extra money from the current fire tax to upgrade our fire truck.”  The fire tax will allow the city to purchase a newer truck along with putting money back each year so the city will not have to wait 40 years to replace a truck again.  A newer truck may also lower the ISO rating for the city which could lower the insurance for the city, business owners and home owners.  It is important to our business owners and home owners to be able to offer reliable fire protection, currently the city depends on the rural fire department at most city fire calls.  Wasson also said, “the city has recently applied for firefighting assistance grants to help with the cost of a fire truck, but the grant has not been awarded to the city and it doesn’t look promising.”

Please take a look at the attached flyer for more information.  If you would like to know what your fire tax would increase to, please contact the Perry City Hall at 573-565-3131.

An informational meeting will be held on the following dates starting at 6:30 pm at the Perry Fire Station.


Perry Fire Tax Informational Meeting
When:  Wed. March 20th & Wed. March 27th
Where  Perry Fire Department
Time:  6:30 pm